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  • Killswitch Engage in town tonight!

    ...will be doing the latter half of my show live tonight at the Cotillion...will be there live from 5 to 7...Killswitch Engage in town tonight and that should be an awesome show!!....Holiday weekend pretty much underway at this point and by all means please have a happy and safe fourth!!..and of course no matter what it is you are doing....make sure you check out our All American Independence Day Weekend on T95!! ...and also make sure ( am sorry if I sound preachy here...just that I do care about you)..if you have had one too many please hand your keys to a sober driver....I am the LAST person to get in the way of a good time.....I just wanna make sure you get where you are going safely.......hope to see you out and about soon!! Rick

  • The Heat is FUNNY

    ...Sometimes you just roll the dice when it comes to movies....On occasion I simply get the urge to just go to the movies....and just pick something out when I get to the roll of the dice....depending on what is playing at the time of day I get there it could be awesome and then again it could be...well...not so awesome.....over the weekend I rolled and came out ahead so to speak....I decided on a whim to check out "The Heat"..Sandra Bullock/Melissa McCarthy....and it was the funniest film I have seen in years....I laughed the entire way through....if you get a chance...GO....(keep in mind the R rating is there for a reason....not exactly "family" oriented material) will not be disappointed trust me......just 2 days until the 4th!!!! Killswitch in town tomorrow night!! Hope to see you out and about soon.............Rick

  • Halestorm on Bar Rescue??? yes!!

    ...Have become quite the fan of the Spike TV show Bar's actually a very simple concept that I tend to find quite fascinating....they find bars or night clubs that are failing and literally try to "rescue" bringing in experts in the bar/night club profession who help re module and re construct the business plan as a whole....anyways I was watching just yesterday when low and behold my friends Halestorm popped up on an episode!! they helped launch a live music venue style bar and it was awesome!! If you happen to get a chance to catch that one by all means do so,,,well worth watching....I do hope you are having a great Monday.....the 4th sooooo close!! Rick


    ....YEESSSSSSSSSS!! the weekend is finally here!!! what a great weekend to be poolside...with lots of cold beverages...and of course lovely ladies showing off their tans!!! ...Speaking of lovely ladies....I will be at Pleasures tomorrow night from 9 to 11 so come say hi!! 3 dollar you call its for everyone and your military/aircraft ID gets you in free as well as your casino card!!....we are less than a week from the 4th and be listening to T95 next week as we will kick off our All American Independence Day Weekend Wednesday July 3d at 3pm!! all through the holiday weekend you will here ONLY American made bands/artists!!! It is gonna rock! Heard about yet ANOTHER show coming to town...but can't say anything just yet.....we will release all the details very soon on T95.......hope to see you out and about soon! Rick

  • what is your favorite firework??

    ...I have to say my favorite firework is hard to nail down because I am a fan of several...the classic black fuse and all,,,is awesome!!....the saturn missile CAN NOT go wrong with that!!....and of course the gotta love that one as well!!....flashing thunders...those rock as well,,,,,I can not believe we are only one week away from the fourth!!! I do hope you are having an outstanding Thursday and hope to see you soon,,,,,Rick

  • Happy birthday to a class act.

    ....Derek Jeter turns 39 today......39 can you believe that???....I have always had a tremendous amount of respect for Derek Jeter....and believe me when I tell you it is not just because I am a Yankees is much deeper than that.....I have said it before and I will say it a baseball world gone haywire, Jeter is what is RIGHT about the game....not only is he a future first ballet hall of famer....he respects the game and it's rich tradition.....there will definitely never be another Derek Jeter......I have seen him play in person at least half a dozen times and as a true fan of the world's greatest sport I will be the first to tell you NO ONE plays the game like he does...he is by far the most brilliant tactician I have ever seen on a ball diamond...he knows the game backwards forwards and sideways....and it shows in his play....he conducts himself with dignity and professionalism....his heart for baseball is immeasurable....he once said that there is no way to describe how it feels to this day when he puts the pinstripes on....he is proud to be a Yankee and he apitomizes what baseball should be....Happy Birthday Derek Jeter..........Rick

  • Pink Floyd.....vs Pandora??

  • Do you believe in aliens?

    ...It was on this date in 1997 the U.S. Airforce released a 231 page report dismissing claims of an alien spacecraft crash in Roswell New Mexico in 1947.....they eventually claimed the debris that had been discovered was merely that of a weather balloon....obvously I was not there and therefore can not definitively say either way exactly what occurred in Roswell in 1947...I will say however that I do most definitely believe there is intelligent life forms other than what we know whether or not they are little green guys flying around in discs I have no idea.....but to me it just stands to reason with all of the undiscovered universes out there that there HAS to be something other than us....anyways I do hope you are having a great Monday! Rick

  • Aaron Lewis was awesome....the Heat repeat!

    ...Aaron Lewis last night at the Cotillion was outstanding!....that dude has some pipes!!!...he even busted out an 80s medley which was pretty cool.....excellent crowd as well..had to be 1500 plus.....the Miami Heat pull of the repeat as they win their second title in 2 years last night over the Spurs.....Lebron finally coming alive the last couple of games....I will be out and about this weekend.....Pleasures tomorrow night!! I will be there from 9 to 11 so by all means stop by and say hi!...Rick

  • Goodbye Anthony Soprano....We hardly knew you

    ...I can recall like yesterday the very first time I saw an episode of the Sopranos....It was their pilot episode and I watched it the day they signed on...and I can recall thinking to myself....I don't know how or why I know this...but this show is gonna be HUGE.......David Chase became synonymous with the word "genius" in my book.....the characters....the writing...the interaction and the bare bones story telling were nothing short of incredible.....if you have never seen an episode of the Sopranos I absolutely implore you to do so....just be prepared to purchase the entire 7 seasons on dvd because once you have seen one you will not be able to resist seeing them all.....Gandolfini's portrayal of mob boss Anthony Soprano was a masterful work of art...a Michaelangelo if you me what made it work so well was simply the fact that Tony powerful and intimidating as he was....was also very human....often vulnerable...often insecure and needy.....Gandolfini took television character acting to a level never before seen and then took it a couple notches higher....Rest in peace and Godspeed Anthony Soprano. Rick

  • Aaron Lewis in town tomorrow night!

    The Jagermeister Country tour.....staring none other than Aaron Lewis, will be in town tomorrow night at the Cotillion and it should be an outstanding show!....he will be doing mostly country stuff but has promised to throw a couple Staind tracks in here and there......if you have never seen him you really need to...the only way to appreciate his vocal talent is to witness it live....Killswitch Engage on the way to town as well and that should also be outstanding.....of course be listening to T95 for your chance at tix ! hope to see you out and about soon....Rick

  • Lebron finally got mean!!

    ....Did you stay up last night for the overtime finals NBA game between the Heat and the Spurs?...I absolutely did and what a game it was!!...Lebron James, who has been catching a ton of crap for basically under performing during the entire playoff series FINALLY woke up last night....and it was almost too late!......he actually waited until the 4th quarter when the Heat were down by 14....something snapped in him and BOOOOM! he just took off!!.....taking over on both ends of the court....had he not done so the Heat's season would be over.....instead we will see game 7 on Thursday.....I just hope it's as good as last night's contest! Rick

  • Rush proudly enters Rock and Roll Hall of Fame

    ...I realize I am blogging about something that actually happened many weeks ago.....I finally, however, got a chance to see the induction last night on HBO...and it was awesome!!!...Dave Grohl helped with the induction speech and I have to say.....IT IS ABOUT TIME!!...I mean come on...40 million plus sales world wide....a fan base that is second in loyalty to none....and enough critically acclaimed material to last several lifetimes!!! was good to see them get in...I will be seeing them in Kansas City on August 4th and I can not wait!!! hope to see you out and about soon! Rick

  • Let's have a cold beer!!!

    ....So me and a couple friends over the weekend were chatting about..of all things....when the absolute best time to have a cold one is.....I mean obviously it can vary for everyone...but there are most definitely times that are more fitting than others....for example....directly after mowing the lawn on a 100 degree day....what a great time to have a cold beer!!!....or on a Sunday afternoon during football season.....or how bout this....on a friday night mid summer while sitting on your favoirte deck.....or poolside at high noon.....then again when you really think about it....maybe the question should be when ISN'T a good time to have an ice cold one? I do hope you are having a great Tuesday...Rick

  • Saw Man of Steel...and it was AWESOME!

    ...To be honest I have never been much of a "superhero" movie guy outside of Batman....but over the weekend I did decide to take a break from my other activities and check out Man of Steel since it was opening weekend and admittedly it is hard NOT to like Superman.....and I am glad I did!! It was awesome!! not wait for this on have to see it in surround sound on the big screen!!..well told story....characters could not have been cast better.....and the effects are off da hook!!....not to mention an excellent villian,,,,,GOTTA HAVE THAT......anyways I do hope you are having a great Monday! Rick

  • Are you ready for the weekend???

    ...Nothing like a nice summer weekend!!!....I will be at Pleasures tomorrow night from 9 to 11....3 dollar you call its while I am there and of course you need to come partake in the debauchery!!....Miami bounced back last night and to be honest I was not in the least bit surprised.....I have a feeling this series will go 7......Grills gone wild on T95!!! get details at do hope to see you out and about very soon! Rick

  • This week just flew by!!

    ...Already Thursday and it seems like it just flew by!!....the weekend almost here and of course I am stoked about that!....San Antonio/Miami back at it tonight ....Miami having been taken out to the woodshed in game 3....I fully expect them to bounce back tonight and tie up the's just what they seem to do...they bounce back after being kicked around......Aaron Lewis at the Cotillion in one week and that should be awesome....and of course stay locked on T95 for your chance to win well as a jagermeister tap machine which would totally rock!!!....Hope to see you out and about soon....Rick

  • A gigantic potpourri of things!

    ...NBA finals tilted in the favor ever so slightly of San Antonio as they now lead the series 2 to 1.....I said it from the beginning and am sticking with it....this will go 7 far as who eventually wins the series.....flip a coin lol....I like San Antonio's chances....but it an easily go either way....If Miami is hitting on all cylinders they are unstoppable.....I realize they got trounced badly last night...but this is the NBA...and what has already occurred has no effect on what may occur in the immediate future.......Aaron Lewis in town one week from tomorrow and I am definitely looking forward to that......have always been a big fan of Aaron Lewis dating all the way back to Staind's first full length.....he will be doing mostly a country set, however I am sure he will bust out some classic staind tracks such as It's Been Awhile.....Outside....should be a great show.....hope to see you out and about soon..Rick

  • I went 14 innings last night!

    ...Am a little tired today because I stayed up late last night watching the Red Sox/Tampa Bay Rays do battle.....for no less than 14 innings!! ....Boston finally getting the win....I started watching in about the 6th....with the idea that I could catch the some late night sportscenter...and hit the sack.....a couple hours later I am glued to tie ballgame in the 14th not complaining a bit by any means....I LIVE for extra innings...and there is absolutely nothing like watching the drama unfold over 14 innings late at night while sitting on my couch and explaining to my cat how the game of baseball works lol.....I loooooooveed it!!!.....I could honestly sit through a triple header if I were at the park....I have said it before and I will say it again....there is no place on earth like the ballpark on a summer day....I firmly believe that if there is a heaven there has got to be a ballpark there....I do hope you are having a great Tuesday! Rick

  • Summer is Finally Here!!

    ...looks like we are headed for triple digits soon and Summer is finally here!!...I don't know about you but I LIVE for summer nights!!!...I hope you had an outstanding weekend.....Spurs and Heat knotted at one each and that is shaping up to be a great series...I still say...with all due respect to Heat fans and Lebron fans.......Lebron is NO Michael Jordan....not even close.....we are also approaching about a month out of the all star break....god I love baseball.....speaking of which I caught Eastwood's "Trouble with the Curve" over the weekend and (I realize my love of the world's greatest game makes me biased) it is actually well worth watching......I do hope you are having a great Monday!! Rick

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