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  • Happy birthday to....THE KING!

    ...On January 8th 1935, Elvis Presley....the king of rock and roll....was born......Happy B Day Elvis!!...his mere existence eventually proved to change the face of music.....It wasn't necessarily his songs or his wasn't what he achieved so much as how he did so....Elvis was the first big named star to bring rock music into the national spotlight...he was the first major player to open huge doors for rock as we know it was bound to happen sooner or later....but he was the first....and for that I again say......Happy B Day to the KING! Rick

  • Has Dennis Rodman lost his Mind????

    ...It has been all over the news...pretty much every facet of which....Dennis Rodman and his ongoing relationship with the North Korean dictator Kim Jong-Un....and what a bizarre story it has become!...I personally think Rodman is basically doing what he does best...which is create a buzz about his favorite subject.....himself......check out this recent interview and see what you think! Rick

  • Yes it is cold....and WE ARE LUCKY

    ....I agree with the simple concept that 8 degrees above zero is coooooold!!!! no doubt about it...but how would you like to be in some parts of Canada right now where the temp is negative 18 degrees!!!.....we think WE have it are getting frozen into the ground in Canada!! Don't believe me? ..... Click here

  • How would you like to live like a king?....or at least a king of the courts?

    ...Michael Jordan has recently put his Chicago home up for sale and what a home it is!! The same home he was living in when he was winning championships....raising his is a spectacle of spectacles.......15 bathrooms...a chipping ground pool.....and of course a regulation sized basketball is nothing short of incredible!!....he orgininally tried to fetch 29 million for it....and did not do so.....therefore he has lowered the price tag to a cool 16 here to take a virtual tour!

  • Happy 2014!!

    ...Kinda hard to get used to...the whole 2014 thing...I mean don't get me wrong I fully realize that before long it will simply be second nature....but as of right now.....2014 just seems weird to say lol....35th anniversary of T95 and we are going to be celebrating all year long!!!....SOME VERY BIG things on the way very soon!....I do hope you had a great new years and let me absolutely say to you....HAPPY 2014!!....Rick


    Happy new year!!!! I realize I am about 9 hours or so early.....but HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! I do hope you have an outstanding and happy new year.....celebrate and have a great time tonight.....and not to sound like I am lecturing but please by all means hand your keys to a sober driver....I do hope to see you out and about very soon and happy 2014!

  • Who is going to take home the hardware???

    ...The NFL playoffs are set to begin and this year is shaping up to be extremely interesting to say the least.....every year around this time I make my picks...and this year is no different!...I have to say I do like Seattle in the NFC....that defense is stifling and they are next to impossible to beat at home....AFC I have to lean towards New England......for sleeper picks I like Cincinatti in the AFC and Carolina in the NFC....hey I could be totally out in left field lol....if I knew everything I would own islands!

  • Happy B day Lars!!

    DId you know Lars Ulrich (of Metallica fame of course) is a HUGE fan of the game of ...Tennis?...Did you know he turns 50 today? is true!! Happy B day Lars!!! Click to find out everything and then some about Lars!

  • How do you like to say.....Merry Christmas?

    ...Ok here we go....doing my absolute best to not leave anyone out....just in case you are wondering how to say Merry Christmas any where in the you go!!

  • what do you like to spike your egg nog with?

    EVERYONE has their personal favorite egg nog coctail recipe for the holidays right?...what would you say is your personal favorite? here for a list of 20 excellent egg nog/cocktail concoctions....and please.....use them responsibly!! Rick

  • Def Leppard fans GET READY!!

    Are you a huuuuge Def Leppard fan?....if so....CHECK THIS OUT!!

  • Have you finished your Christmas shopping?...

    ...Have been on vacation for the last several days and you would like to think I would at least use part of that time to finish up some Christmas shopping......but why would I do that when doing everything last second is sooooo much more fun!!! of this very second I have.....none....Zero... nil......Zilch done....hey why break tradition right?...I do hope you have been having a great week and I will be back very soon!! Rick

  • Happy Birthday to the Motor City Madman!!

    ...Friday the 13th.....December 13th...which just happens to be Ted Nugent's birthday!! Happy Birthday Ted!! Click here for the what when where how and why of Sweaty Teddy!!

  • Would you Mars?

    ...Just saw an article about a Dutch company who is planning to actually begin the Mars colonization process!! a matter of fact they have already received thousands of applications from potential astronauts! would you be willing to relocate to another planet?. click here to check it out!

  • Coolest commercial ever!

    I ran across this the other day...definitely one of the coolest commercials ever!

  • FOO FIGHTERS plays pizza parlor....VERY COOL!

    Are you a Foo Fighters fan??? How about an up close and personal show like this....

  • The new Seether is AWESOME sitting in my office as I type this listening to the new Seether track (Weak)....and it is OUTSTANDING!....I do realize I am a Seether freak so to say the least I am a tad biased....but it really is good!!!...They are just one of those bands that seems to never disappoint....had the day off yesterday and am planning on taking some of next week off as is that time of year lol....I do hope you are having a great Tuesday and I hope to see you out and about very soon! Rick

  • Goodbye Nelson Mandela

    ...Nelson Mandela passed away today at the age of 95....and the world will most certainly miss him....Nelson Mandela was more than a leader of men....he was a living breathing representation of what one soul...can accomplish given the drive and determination....he represented the good in humankind....he refused to abandon his principles regardless of the oh so expensive price tag they came with....He refused to abandon hope when absolutely no one would have blamed him for doing so...he refused to accept anything less than the change he would have such a huge part in inspiring.....he provided a voice for those who in the past had never had one....he stood tall in the presence of darkness and wickedness...and not only prevailed but fueled the fire of positive change for an ENTIRE country.....think about that for a second or ENTIRE nation... and any way you slice all of that it simply comes up in peace Nelson Mandela.

  • Three Places to Avoid on Vacation

    ...According to a recent CNN poll...the three most corrupt countries in the world as of this very second are....Afghanistan....North Korea....and Somalia....on a 1 to 100 scale, with 100 being the least corrupt and 0 being the most corrupt...these three countries scored a whopping 8.....Denmark and New Zealand landed best scores with 91....the United States, in case you are wondering, scored a 73....which isn't bad...could be better but not bad....they base the index on public perception of corruption in public institutiions such as political parties, police, and the justice system...only a couple days till Not So SIlent Night at the Cotillion!!!! get tix while you can at the Cotillion box office and by calling 316 722 4201....hope to see you out and about soon!! Rick

  • The holidays are officially here!!

    ...had yesterday off and was nice to catch up with some old friends as well as catch up with everything else lol....caught some great football over the weekend including the Auburn Alabama matchup....what a barnburner that was...and to think it would end on a field goal returned for a td!..I would not have guessed that outcome in a million years....the Holidays are officially here...had a great Thanksgiving and I do hope you did as well....Xmas right around the corner and we are so close to Not So Silent Night!!!! Saw some good movies over the weekend as well including World War Z....finally saw the "zombie" flick everyone has been talking about lol....anyways I do hope you are having a great Tuesday.....Rick

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