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  • Christmas Lights Done Right

    I am the first to admit I am not a huge fan of the tiresome task of hanging Christmas lights...I have absolutely nothing against Christmas a matter of fact I am also the first to admit I can truly appreciate a very cool Christmas light display as long as I am not the one having to figure out how to hang it all. Slayer Bob, however, is absolutely crazy about his Christmas lights and with good reason. Slayer Bob is a HUGE metal fan and loves to pay tribute to the genre he loves with his outstanding Christmas lights displays. Click here to check it out! Rick

  • The Top Fifty All Time Greatest

    Rock experts nationwide have pooled their thoughts so to speak and came up with what they consider to be the top 50 greatest rock debut albums of all time. What would you say was your personal favorite debut album from a rock band? I personally prefer STP with Core...Alice in Chains with Facelift..maybe GNR with Appetite. Click here for the list the "experts" compiled and see if you agree or disagree! Rick

  • Stone Temple Pilots Taking Applications

    I have always been a big fan of Stone Temple Pilots...I even stuck with them through the Chester Bennington era...which by the way has officially come to an end....Click here for all the details! Rick

  • Triple H a Kansas City Royals Fan?

    It has been 30 years....30 looooooong years since Kansas City won a world series....the last time they did cel phones were no where near mainstream....facebook did not exist...and Ronald Reagan was president of the United States....WWE superstar Triple H was all of 16....speaking of which did you know Triple H is enough of a Kansas City fan to actually have produced a WWE Championship belt in their honor?? Click here for the details. Rick

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