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  • 2014 Ren Fest was a Blast!

    Spent a good part of Saturday at the 2014 Ren Fest at Sedwick County Park over the weekend...Had a great time! Check out the video here!

  • The Blood Moon is almost upon us!

    ...Next week...Tues to be somewhat exact....the moon will experience a total lunar eclipse and appear to turn a burnt reddish orange color.....supposedly going to be quite the's called a blood moon and if all goes according to schedule this one is just a first in a series of four lunar order to see this one you will have to stay up late mon night into tues morning.....I fully plan to due to the fact that blood moons are not common occurances....scientists are guessing it will begin at rougly 2am tues morning ....will be out and about this weekend so I do hope to see you soon!! Rick

  • Just a few days to Chevelle!!!

    ....LOTS of big shows on the way!!!...this Summer is going to be crazy!!! Chevelle in town Tuesday...I have yet to listen to the entire new cd yet but am hearing it is outstanding.......It is difficult at best to reallly apprecitate Chevelle until you see them live.....Tuesday's show promises to be off da hoooooooooook!.....Kiss enters the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame along side Nirvana.....both bands deservingly so.....Pleasures this weekend (Sat night) as well as Rusty Eck Ford (Sat afternoon)...hope to see you out and about very soon!! Rick

  • The Ultimate Warrior is Gone but not Forgotten

    James Hellwig....otherwise known as "The Ultimate Warrior" to professional wrestling fans worldwide, passed away yesterday at the age of before I go much further let me start by saying that yes I totally get wrestling match outcomes are pre determined and it's not real yada yada yada.... most wrestling fans, however, (myself included) simply don't care...we embrace it for what it is...which is a male soap opera., massive carnival, and gigantic spectacle all rolled into one bohemath of a show....we value the entertainment aspect to such an extent we are willing to suspend put it simply for those who don't understand why we follow it.......It's fun.....plain and simple......and the Ultimate Warrior brought something into the world of professional wrestling that went beyond just the showmanship....he brought an energy that was nothing short of electric....he flat out opened doors for people like The Rock.....John Cena.....even Randy Savage....his athleticism combined with his explosive entrances and high volume ring performances that would simply awe entire arenas earned him a well deserved spot in the WWE hall of fame.....Rest in peace Brian....gone yes...forgotten...not a chance. Rick

  • Let the Shows Begin!!!

    ...We are on the verge of launching ourselves into a massive run of live shows that are going to make this summer simply unforgettable!!! Chevelle within about a week....Steel Panther....Motley Crue...Rocklahoma....ROckfest....Rock on the Range.....and there are MORE coming!!! I wanna tell you about what else is on the way but can't this very listening to T95 though because very soon we shall do so!!....Shameless finished off the season the other what will I do with my Sunday nights???.....will be out and about this weekend so I do hope to see you soon! Rick

  • So long Mickey Rooney....we hardly knew ya

    Mickey Rooney passed away yesterday at the age of 93.....what a life.....I mean think about one time he actually performed in silent films......a career that span 9 decades!!!...It is difficult enough to simply make a living in the entertainment business.....let alone thrive in it for 9 decades.....what an in peace Mickey you have earned it.....Jeter surpasses Molitor on the all time hits list and now sets his sights on the Yaz!!!.....THE STREAK HAS COME TO AN END! Undertaker losing to Brock Lesnar at Wrestlemania ONE saw that one comming...anyways I do hope you are having a great Monday! Rick

  • Goodbye Mr. Letterman

    ....Dave Letterman announced he will retire ....and as much as I always knew the day would's still just kind of difficult to imagine late night tv without me Letterman was sort of a pioneer.....a pioneer in the sense that he was really the first late night talk show host to come along and prove to the world that you didn't have to be stuffy and uptight in order to host late night successfully....something that many thought simply coudln't be done....and he did it extremely well.....which is why he shall be sorely missed.....Chevelle will be in town at the Cotillion in under two weeks and that show is gonna rock!!!! Pleasures tomorrow night please stop by and say hi! Rick

  • Spring needs to just get here now!!

    ....Allergies have been just killing me lately!!! And I have been trying everything....and I mean EVERYTHING to get rid of em.....alot of people are in the same boat this time of year lol....Rocklahoma another day closer which is is Chevelle.....Steel Panther.....and of course the T95 35th B Day Bash with Motley Crue/Alice Cooper!!!!! Baseball season officially underway and that flat out rocks....even though my Yankees took a loss last night....but hey there is always tomorrow right?.....the new 3 Days Grace with their new lead singer (Matt from My Darkest Days) is actually a very solid sounding listening for it to pop up soon on T95 and be listening for the new Linkin Park track which is also very solid.....hope to see you out and about very soon!! Rick

  • April Fooooooools!!

    .......I absolutely looooooooove a good prank!...which in a sense is why I love April Fools Day!........and when I say a good prank.........I mean one that is well planned/thought out etc.......One that takes excellent execution in order to work........nor that there is anything wrong with the classic slapstick pranks that have historically worked.........Still fighting allergies....guess it's that time of yearlol....hope to see you out and about very soon..........Rick

Wichita, KS

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