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  • Anywhere in the World for Turkey Day!

    ...What if by chance you all of a sudden had the ability to simply go anywhere in the world for Thanksgiving weekend?...I mean if you could just blow off the traditional stuffy lets hang out with the relatives all day routine and go ANYWHERE....where would you go? Ciick here for a very cool list of places to spend Thanksgiving weekend! Rick

  • Check out this Video from Seether!

    ..I am a HUGE fan of Seether...always have been from the very first time I heard Fine Again and Driven Under...I came across this hysterical video of them performing "Same Damn Life" while dressed up as elderly old men...this is funny!! Check it out here. Rick

  • Jesse James Dupree Tells it like it Is

    I have always said if there is one thing I absolutely respect about Jackyl it would have to be their straight up in your face tell it like it is attitude/style....Jesse James Dupree has never been one to pull punches and you gotta respect that...if you have ever met him you would know he is real if nothing else!! Click here for a very cool interview with him from several years back. Rick

  • Dragon Breath Chili!!

    .As the Arctic blast is set to hit us late tonight early tomorrow.....tis the season for a good bowl of chili!! Everyone has their own personal "best chili recipe" right? Click here for a sure fire way to heat yourself up even in the midst of an Arctic blast...with the recipe for Dragon Breath Chili!! Rick

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