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  • What guys REALLY think!

    .I can not honeslty tell you whether or not this is entirely or even mostly true or not lol....I can's speak on behalf of everyone obviously....but I DID get a big kick out of this and I hope you do to....what do guys REALLY think when approaching ladies in a club or bar?.... Click here to find out! RIck

  • AC/DC Fans Check This Out!!!

    The first full length I ever owned was Back in Black by AC/DC.....I grew up with AC/DC.....and as a die hard AC/DC fan I can tell you......this is BIG NEWS! Click here for the details. Rick

  • College Mascots You May not have Known About

    Anyone who knows me at all has to know I am passionate about my sports....i love em all...........MLB............NFL.........NBA....and yes even collegiate athletics! And one more thing I love about college level sports would have to be there mascots........did you know there is a college in the United States that uses the banana slug as a mascot?...or the fighting artichoke?....I am not kidding!!If you would like to see a list of some of the most unique mascots in college athletics.......... Click here!

  • Texting and Driving equals beyond Stupid

    Have you ever been somewhere...seen someone who was obviously too intoxicated to drive...and went out of your way to stop them from doing so? I am willing to be you probably have or at least seen someone do so....and when we take that kind of action we are doing so not only out of concern for their safey but also out of legitimate concern for the safety of others on the road...we do not even hesitate to intervene when we see someone who is too intoxicated to drive...we do not even think twice about doing what we can to stop them....that being said I now want you to think about this: When you choose to text and drive statistics (which do not lie) show you become MORE dangerous than someone who is driving while intoxicated to the point of .19 blood alcohol content....THINK ABOUT THAT..... Click here for details....these facts are chilling. Rick

  • You CAN do something about it!

    It's not secret that distractions while driving are costly in terms of serious injuries and death...each year it is estimated we lose over 3000 lives due to distracted driving....3000 far as I am concerned over 3000 too is blatantly obvious that texting while driving is beyond is flat out dangerous...and yet many continue to do so....studies show that three quarters of teens and young drivers continue to text and drive....and now there are aps you as a parent can utilize to help lower that percentage....yes YOU CAN do something about it... Click here for details. Rick

  • What a Class Act

    Being a lifelong die hard NY Yankees fan it only came naturally for me to become a Derek Jeter fan....he plays the game the way it should be played and he represents the world's greatest past time with the dignity and respect it saddens me to see this season start to wind down knowing it is his last...he will be sorely missed....there will never be another like him....period....even Red Sox fans have to admit that lol....Click here for a very cool video put together by Gatorade.

  • IF you are an Employer...READ THIS

    ...IF you are or plan on ever being an may just wanna read this......apparently there are laws in place in pretty much every state to some degree that make it possible for employers to be held liable for accident related injuries that occur as a result of inattentive driving..including texting while driving.....and these laws are no joke.....Click here for all the info. Rick

  • Football Drinking Games

    ..Thank the heavens FOOTBALL IS IN FULL SWING!!!....and nothing beats a Sunday afternoon with friends.....parked in your favorite spot to soak in some football....and some outstandingly entertaining football drinking games!! (PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE be responsible when partaking in these....hand your keys to a sober driver)......Click here for a list of very cool football drinking games! Rick

  • Fun things to do With Sixty Big Ones

    ...I can think of numerous outstandingly fun and cool things I could do with an extra sixty bucks!....Take a friend out to dinner.....pick up some dvds/blu rays I have been wanting to add to my collection... go to Worlds of Fun!!....go to the movies!!.....go have a couple cold ones at my favorite a couple more cold ones for someone at my favorite spot.....purchase the Wrestlemania ppv....pick up a new portable hard drive for my laptop.....pick up a new pair of jeans.....I can go on and on and on ...and I am sure you can too..and I am also sure you would agree with me when I say the one thing I do NOT wanna do with 60 bucks would be having to cough it up to pay fine for texting and driving...In the state of Kansas sixty bucks is what texting and driving will cost you when you get some states the fines run into the hundreds.....not to mention risking your life and the lives of others over a text is beyond here to see a state by state rundown on texting while driving fines. Thanks for stopping by! Rick

  • Which would you Rather Wear?

    ..The next time you think about texting and driving....think about can be charged with felony manslaughter if you cause an accident while texting and driving....this is no can end up doing serious text is important enough to risk that...ask yourself this question....would you rather wear thumb bands or handcuffs?....Click here for more information. Rick

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