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  • The Very Best of Metallica

    Loudwire recently did their research and went through their process. The results are in. What are the ten greatest Metallica songs of all time? Click here for all the details! Rick

  • Stone Temple Pilots Happy to have Moved on

    First off I ama HUGE fan of the original lineup of Stone Temple Pilots. I was sad so see them replace Scott Weiland and I sincerely mean that with absolutely no disrespect to the very talented Chester Bennington. I also totally understand why they made the was something that simply had to be done in order to insure there would be a future for STP...I have seen them numerous times with Scott and they were ...for lack of better terms...simply amazing! Chester has apparantly gone over quite well according to Dean DeLeo.. Click here for more ! Rick

  • Best Rock Albums of 2015....So Far

    I realize of course we are not quite even half way through the year...but talk is already starting over the best rock albums of the year! For a list of what some are saying are the top vote getters click here. IF i were to vote I would have to lean towards the new Seether and the new Godsmack...but hey that's just each their own!

  • Maynard gets a new Body Part!

    Maynard James Keenan is to rock what Will Ferrell is to comedy....he just seems to fit perfectly to say the least. That does not mean, however, that he is indestructable!...Maynard had to recently undergo hip replacement here for details. RIck

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