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  • Check out These Rock Star B Days!

    Today seems to be a rather popular day for rock stars to be celebrating birthdays! Happy birthday to Ian Astbury of one of the greatest bands on the planet...The Cult! Ian turns 53 today. Click here to see how he feels about Lorde actually covering a Cult song! He picks a bad guitar and his name is C.C. Deville who as we all know provided blazing licks for Poison for many years. C.C. also turns 53 today! Click here for some very cool and interesting trivia about C.C. Deville! And last but definitely not least Mike Inez of Alice in Chains is celebrating his 49th birthday today as well...I have always hailed Alice in Chains as one of the greatest rock bands of all time and Mike Inez is definitely part of the reason why. Click here for a very cool interview with Mike Inez in which he talks all things Alice In Chains! Rick

  • So You Think You Know Soundgarden

    I am a HUGE fan of Soundgarden. I always have been ever since the first time I heard My Wave and Spoonman..and yet as big of a fan as I am I do not recall this!! Apparently Soundgarden used to play a video/song before each live show (way back in the day) called "Night Surf." It was never released and only those who attended live shows way back when would ever see or hear it... until now! Click here to check it out as they have just now released it for public consumption! Enjoy! Rick

  • GNR Reunion Possibly in the Works?

    I will never forget the first time I heard Welcome to the Jungle by Gun N Roses. I can recall just being blown away by it and thinking to myself.....SOMETHING BIG is brewing here....which is why I am totally stoked that Slash recently said a GNR reunion is NOT out of the question! Click here for the dirt! Rick

  • Sebastian Bach Still Going Strong!

    The days of Skid Row hitting the road with every great hair band on the planet may be over for the most part but that certainly has not slowed down 47 year old Sebastian Bach. Click here to check out a very cool update on what he is currently up to! RIck

  • Kurt Cobain. imitates Chris Cornell?

    Montage of Heck (a documentary about Kurt Cobain) is set to hit HBO May 4th features a ton of never before seen footage and as an avid Nirvana fan I can not wait to see it! Apparently there is a scene in which Kurt Cobain actually imitates Chris Cornell! Click here to check it out! Rick

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