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  • 007 Is Back!!

    I am most definitely a complete nerd to say the least when it comes to Jame Bond...I have every single Bond movie on dvd and blu ray...and yes I do bust them out and watch some of them for the 10th time on occasion....NOTHING and I do mean NOTHING beats a good Bond villian and of course the Bond girls are awesome as well....and with no disrespect to Sean Connery....I mean after all he is Sean Connery..the greatest Bond ever...I do have to say Daniel Craig is really staking his claim as one of the best Bonds ever ....Click here for a new extended trailer to Spectre... Which will be in theatres soon...but not soon enough! Rick

  • Korn up Close and Personal!!

    I have seen Korn live at least half a dozen times...maybe more...and I have NEVER seen them do a bad show....they are INCREDIBLE live!! They are also doing something this year that is nothing short of AWESOME! click here for all the details! Rick

  • Corey Taylor Tells it Like it is!

    First off let me say I am a HUGE fan of Stone Sour...I think they are an incredible band and I have honestly never heard them do anything I was not a fan of....admittedly some songs better than others but over all I have yet to hear them do anything I did not like...That being said I have to say I also think this is pretty entertaining/funny....Corey Taylor has been catching some heat over some comments he made about Kanye West..Click here to see it for yourself! Rick

  • Shinedown is BACK!

    Shinedown is easily one of the best bands out there and they are finally back with some new material!! I have yet to hear anything they have done that I personally didn't absolutely love! Click here for a look at their new video for Cut The Cord. Rick

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