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World Cup......what just happened?

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 ....I have never totally understood how the actual game time is monitored during World Cup contests.....and when the U.S gave up a goal in the final seconds to Portugal the other day...I honestly had to scratch my head....not so much at the fact that it happened...but more at the basic concept of how time was kept....I mean I totally understand the premise of adding the extra time,,,,what I don't understand however is why they don't post a clock showing down to the second exactly how much extra time there is after 90 min. have been just seemed to me as though they basically played until the referees decided to stop...makes little sense to me....anyways Germany on the agenda next and that will most definitely be a difficult opponent to say the least....they are amongst the best on the planet.......will be out and about this weekend hope to see you soon!  Rick

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