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Godzilla must be seen on BIG SCREEN!

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 ....It is not that unoften I will advise someone to "wait for the dvd" when it comes to newer movies...with Godzilla however I must admit....quite the opposite....DO NOT wait for the dvd if you have any desire to check out the gigantic organism known as Godzilla!!! far as plot/overall film quality goes...above average ...there is simply no doubt though that this is a special effects film and in order to truly appreciate it you absolutely have to see it on a gigantic screen befitting of the beast incarnate...3D if at all possilble....the Red Sox finally snapped their ten game skid over the Yankees are hanging in....if nothing else they are managing to hang around the top spot...Rocklahoma was quite the party to say the least!!! I do hope you are having a great Tuesday!   Rick

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