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Did the NBA do the right thing.....or go too far?

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 ...It has to be tough enough playing second fiddle to the Lakers in Los Angeles without having to deal with the type of off the court issues plaguing the L.A. Clippers right now....ESPECIALLY while in the midst of the post season.....Donald Sterling (Clippers least for now) didn't just get slapped by NBA commisioner Adam Silver drop kicked Sterling into another universe due to Sterling's comments recently caught on tape that certainly had undertones most would consider ugly to say the least.....Sterling has been banned for life from any and all NBA activities...fined 2.5 million dollars....and instructed to sell the L.A, Clippers.....the NBA certainly is not playing when it comes to this kind of thing......and to be honest I don't think they should...Sterling's comments were without a doubt racially discriminating in nature and as far as I am concerned there is simply no room in the NBA or any other league for that kind of would say perhaps Silver was too tough on him....I mean a lifetime ban??? ....forcing him to relenquish control over his team??... and I can certainly appreciate their viewpoint....however I also feel the NBA had no choice other than to put their foot down and make a resoundingly LOUD and impossible to ignore point....they had to stand up and say ....THIS SIMPLY WILL NOT BE TOLERATED HERE......and I respect them for doing is 2014 after would like to think we are beyond all that.....I do hope you are having a great Wednesday and hope to see you soon!   Rick

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