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Baseball well under way.......NBA playoffs booting off as well

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 ...To be honest I have never really been much of an NBA guy.....loooooove college hoops....just never really get into the least during the regular season that is......mainly because of the lack of defensive effort....the shorter shot clock which takes so much strategy from the game....the 6 fouls rule which is pretty much useless....the overall lack of hustle/discipline......however when the post season hits things do get taken to another level and the NBA becomes watchable.....not to mention more than somewhat exciting......sat up last night till well after eleven watching a first round game....there is absolutely no doubt that post season NBA is much more intense and driven than the regular season....guys start to play defense...they start to work their tails off on both ends....and the result is some excellent basketball.......Baseball off to a decent start...hard to tell how well my beloved Yankees will do considering the entire AL East is pretty knotted up so far......KC off and running and you gotta love hope you are having a most excellent Monday!!    Rick

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