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The Ultimate Warrior is Gone but not Forgotten

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 James Hellwig....otherwise known as "The Ultimate Warrior"  to professional wrestling fans worldwide, passed away yesterday at the age of before I go much further let me start by saying that yes I totally get wrestling match outcomes are pre determined and it's not real yada yada yada.... most  wrestling fans, however, (myself included) simply don't care...we embrace it for what it is...which is a male soap opera., massive carnival, and gigantic spectacle all rolled into one bohemath of a show....we value the entertainment aspect to such an extent we are willing to suspend put it simply for those who don't understand why we follow it.......It's fun.....plain and simple......and the Ultimate Warrior brought something into the world of professional wrestling that went beyond just the showmanship....he brought an energy that was nothing short of electric....he flat out opened doors for people like The Rock.....John Cena.....even Randy Savage....his athleticism combined with his explosive entrances and high volume ring performances that would simply awe entire arenas earned him a well deserved spot in the WWE hall of fame.....Rest in peace Brian....gone yes...forgotten...not a chance.      Rick

"The concentration was on each of us individually being the most of what our characters could be, but a magical thing would happen in the match where people where just caught up in it...every single part of it."        James Hellwig

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