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Perfection....31 and 0 is 31 and 0

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 ...WSU finished a perfect season on Saturday and posted a regular season record of 31 and 0......I mean think about that for a second....31 and 0......Yes I am aware of the fact they are in the Missouri Valley Conference which is in a transitional phase....I am aware that their non conference schedule this year was not should I put it...overly intimidating......but STILL....31 and 0 is 31 and 0... and no one can take that from them.....even if they don't make it as far in the tourny this year as some have projected.......31 and 0 is 31 and 0....such a rarity we may never see it season this year will be interesting for sure!!....anyways thank you much for checking in and I do hope to see you out and about very soon!   Rick


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