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Shameless is so disfunctional....and awesome!

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 ...Every once in a blue moon a made for tv series will launch that ends up creating something completely unique and one of a kind...which makes it incredibly entertaining and difficult to miss...the last time I have come across this kind of phenomena  woould have to have been HBO's The Sopranos...until now......Showtime has joined the ranks with Shameless and I have to tell you I NEVER miss it on Sunday nights!...I realize this type of list varies from person to person ( I mean we all have varying tastes/flavors and I get that) and Shameless is definitely not for everyone...but those of us who like it....REALLY LIKE is disfunctional to say the least....strangely fascinating....and definitely character driven....and it takes no time at all to select your favorite character/cast member considering the wide range of representation so to speak....lots going on this week as well as this weekend!!...the Park City Chill kicking off tomorrow!!! Hope to see you out and about soon....Rick


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