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He gave an ENTIRE generation a voice

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...Kurt Cobain would have turned 47 be honest I am not a huge fan of NIrvana's music..I mean it's not that I dislike it by any means....I am just not nuts over it so to speak...some of their stuff is more appealing to me than some of their other stuff....overall I like their sound...just not a mega fan so to speak....what I am a huge fan of however is what Kurt Cobain represented...what he achieved whether he meant to or not....the way that he gave a voice to so many who prior to him coming along had absolutely no have to take into consideration what was going on in the late 80's/early 90's when he came into the forefront....Hairbands had taken over the radio and were dominating the concert scene in the rock genre..bands such as Motley Crue..Poison....Bon Jovi...etc etc etc...and there is absolutely nothing wrong with what they were doing...they were simply reflecting the times they were in through their music...decadence was king....Kurt Cobain came along and basically screamed at decibals way to loud to be ignored and let the world know that not EVERYONE was on the party wagon...not everyone was having a great time....not everyone was king of the a matter of fact an entire generation that was just coming of age not only understood Kurt Cobain...but responded to what he was doing in droves......masses...and as a result Nirvana changed the landscape of rock....and moved things into a different direction.....and THAT is something that I totally respect and am a MEGAFAN of...Happy b day Kurt.........Rick


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