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Baseball just needs to get here NOW!

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....anyone who consistently reads my blog knows how much of a baseball fan I am...always have is easily the world's greatest game...I could spend day after day at the is as close to heaven as mere mortals can get....and I have to tell is that time of year......the time of year in which I simply wish we could just fast forward a couple months and get to opening day!!! baseball just needs to get here!!!! is KILLING me!!!!....yes i do have tix for KC/NY this year and you can bet the farm I will be there....with any luck I will score an autograph from Jeter considering it is after all the Captain's final year as a professional ball player....the Captain's last stand so to speak...anyways I do hope to see you out and about soon!   Rick


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Wichita, KS

NNW at 12 mph
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