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Goodbye Nelson Mandela

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...Nelson Mandela passed away today at the age of 95....and the world will most certainly miss him....Nelson Mandela was more than a leader of men....he was a living breathing representation of what one soul...can accomplish given the drive and determination....he represented the good in humankind....he refused to abandon his principles regardless of the oh so expensive price tag they came with....He refused to abandon hope when absolutely no one would have blamed him for doing so...he refused to accept anything less than the change he would have such a huge part in inspiring.....he provided a voice for those who in the past had never had one....he stood tall in the presence of darkness and wickedness...and not only prevailed but fueled the fire of positive change for an ENTIRE country.....think about that for a second or ENTIRE nation... and any way you slice all of that it simply comes up in peace Nelson Mandela.




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