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What exactly are you thankful for?

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...Every year around Thanksgiving I always have a tendency to simply pause and take notice of things that I am truly thankful for....and to be honest as much as I try not to I find that I do take things for granted on occasion....I don't intend to do so...and I certainly realize that I shouldn't...but I am human and therefore sometimes do so....which is why I take a moment this time of year to recognize that fact and to point out to myself things I need to be thankful for....if any of that makes any sense....I am thankful I live in a country that honors and protects individual freedom....and on that note I am thankful for those who have protected my freedoms in the past and those who are doing so this very second....I am thankful for the friends that I do have...and am thankful to have the ability to make new friends....I am thankful also for having the ability to change things for the better when given a chance to do so....I realize I need to utilize those chances more but I am extremely thankful to have that ability and am greatful to be able to improve someone's life or situation in any way I can....I am thankful for new episodes of Pawn Stars....I am thankful for Summer afternoons at the ballpark watching America's national past time....I am so thankful for my family....I am thankful for the ability to be able to listen to music....I am thankful for the wisdom to exercise patience and understanding...the ability to understand that people are diverse and blueprints are simply different.....I am thankful for people in my life who have exercised the same patience with me...I am thankful for campfires at the lake....I am thankful for simply being here...what are you thankful for?



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