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Last second Halloween costumes/this could be the night!

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...Have you got your Halloween costume locked down yet?...I would hope so considering we are 24 hours away and counting!!.....If not then maybe I can help out with a couple last second Halloween costume ideas.....for example....put on a loud 80's sweater and go as Bill Cosby!....or tote a fanny pack around and be a tourist.....or how about this....put on a black suit.....shades...and go as a bouncer....or maybe this.....print the words "go ceiling" on a white t shirt...and go as a celing fan!!.... or perhaps a mullet and a flannel shirt.....Billy Ray Cyrus....just a few ideas for some last second costumes lol....hey tonight could be the night we crown a new World Series champion....Boston up three games to two.....but do not by any means count the Cardinals out of this one...their pitching is just too good to do so.....hope to see you out and about soon!    Rick


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