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Are you a cat or a dog person?

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...You may or may not know I adopted a cat from the KS Humane society several months ago...a Siamese...male....who I named Kahn (after Ginghis Kahn)...he is a 5 year old 12 pound male who is into.....................everything!!...he absolutely apitomizes the curiosity factor for a cat....I have always been a dog person to be honest...and more than likely always will be...that being said, I am so glad I picked up Kahn at the humane society...he has an outstanding personality and is a very cool cat!!!..I will always be somewhat biased towards dogs...but I do have to say I am much more cat friendly now lol....if you are a Metallica fan (and who isn't) by all means stay close to T95 for something very cool coming soon.....I do hope to see you out and about very soon!   Rick


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Wichita, KS

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