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A Rod needs to take his medicine!

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...Anyone who knows me at all knows I am a die hard NY Yankees fan...always have been..ever since I was old enough to pick up a bat and glove I have bled NY Yankees....that being said...I still have little sympathy for the plight of Alex Rodriguez...Don't get me wrong....I respect his accomplishments on the field...PEDs or no PEDs...600 plus hrs is just that....600 plus places you in an extremely elite club....I don't care how much "help" you may or may not have takes a massive skill set to be able to get to that plateau....I guess what bothers me about him is simply the fact that he won't just own up and face the music so to speak.....we all make mistakes none of us are immune to's part of being grandfather once told me that making a mistake is what makes one human....admitting to it and doing what needs to be done to rectify it is what makes one a man......he told me that when I had not even hit 10 years old yet and I will never forget that....A Rod got did at least 10 others.....who all (with the exception of A Rod) have agreed to the consequences and have accepted the penalties incurred.....A Rod chooses to appeal...which he has that right....and I personally find no fault in the fact that he has that right...what I do find fault with, however, in what A Rod masquerades as his motivations for his actions....he claims it's about the game and his love of it......I have a tendency to believe he filed his appeal so he could continue to draw a paycheck....plain and's blaringly obvious to many and I would have more respect for him if he just admitted to it instead of offering up a charade.....the absolute best thing he could do for the game would be to face the music...take his hard during his suspension which looks to be a lengthy one (through the 2014 season) and be ready to come back and finish his career with a couple good seasons....go out the best way compared to doing what he is doing now which is obviously financially driven....I have always had a special place in my heart and soul for the game of baseball and always will....I see it as the greatest game ever invented....which is why it pains me to see A Rod do this....just my opinion and nothing more lol.....I do hope you are having a great Wednesday!  Rick

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