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A lifetime ban for A Rod?

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....Anyone who knows me at all is well aware of the fact I am a HUGE baseball fan....always have been....from the first time I picked up a bat and glove at age 6 I have been in love with the game...there simply is no other game like other game with it's rich tradition and  history..I LIVE for going to the ballpark....I could easily sit through a triple header....which is why the recent PED scandal that has rocked Major League Baseball has saddened me to say the least...unfortunately performance enhancing drugs have been a part of the game I love for some time now and I am not so sure they are going away any time soon...rumors have been floating about a possible lifetime ban for A Rod....perhaps that's exactly what needs to be done....maybe the league needs to finally get serious about actually doing something about this glaring problem...instead of just ignoring it and hoping it will fade away....maybe a lifetime ban enforced on one of baseball's biggest stars will send a clear that says we are going to clean things  up no matter what it takes....we are tired of it...and it is going to stop....I guess time will tell... baseball will has been through worse....I do  hope you are having a great Thursday an I hope to see you soon!   Rick

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