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We are only 6 weeks or so away!!!

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...I was just looking at my calandar and it hit me that WE ARE ROUGHLY 6 WEEKS OR SO AWAY FROM..............................FOOOOOOOOOOOTBALLLL!!!....this is always time of year that I get sooooo hungry for some football....after all this is time of year in which we hit the maximum amount of time we have been without it.....and I for one am starving for it!!!....mid sept can not get here soon enough!!! not to mention the first week of sept when college pigskin kicks a sports fan it's by far my favorite time of year....MLB in full swing headed towards the playoffs.....and NFL getting ready to fire up........MID SEPT NEEDS TO GET HERE NOOOOOOOW!!! I do hope you are having a great Tuesday......Rick


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Wichita, KS

Broken Clouds
Broken Clouds
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