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What a moment last night....

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....What an incredible moment last that I will never forget.....the 2013 MLB all star game in New York.....Mariano Rivera's last...he is set to retire at the end of this season and he will go down in history as the greatest reliever the game has ever seen.....8th inning.....the call is made to the bullpen and Metallica's Enter Sandman kicks in....the entire stadium erupts....Rivera steps out of the bullpen and starts his trek towards the pitchers one single player took the field while he made his walk to the mound...not one.....standing ovation......he takes the mound to warm up...still not a single player has taken the field...still ongoing standing ovation.....even Red Sox fans stood when he came out of the bullpen....alone on the field he stood on the mound and soaked in the moment....players refused to take the field until he had this moment purely out of respect for what he has accomplished as a player and as an ambassador for the a baseball fan I can honestly say this was an incredible moment I will never forget....congratulations deserve that kind of recognition and I am simply happy to have been able to see it....thank you for stopping by....Rick

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