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The Heat is FUNNY

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...Sometimes you just roll the dice when it comes to movies....On occasion I simply get the urge to just go to the movies....and just pick something out when I get to the roll of the dice....depending on what is playing at the time of day I get there it could be awesome and then again it could be...well...not so awesome.....over the weekend I rolled and came out ahead so to speak....I decided on a whim to check out "The Heat"..Sandra Bullock/Melissa McCarthy....and it was the funniest film I have seen in years....I laughed the entire way through....if you get a chance...GO....(keep in mind the R rating is there for a reason....not exactly "family" oriented material) will not be disappointed trust me......just 2 days until the 4th!!!! Killswitch in town tomorrow night!!  Hope to see you out and about soon.............Rick

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