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Goodbye Anthony Soprano....We hardly knew you

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...I can recall like yesterday the very first time I saw an episode of the Sopranos....It was their pilot episode and I watched it the day they signed on...and I can recall thinking to myself....I don't know how or why I know this...but this show is gonna be HUGE.......David Chase became synonymous with the word "genius" in my book.....the characters....the writing...the interaction and the bare bones story telling were nothing short of incredible.....if you have never seen an episode of the Sopranos I absolutely implore you to do so....just be prepared to purchase the entire 7 seasons on dvd because once you have seen one you will not be able to resist seeing them all.....Gandolfini's portrayal of mob boss Anthony Soprano was a masterful work of art...a Michaelangelo if you me what made it work so well was simply the fact that Tony powerful and intimidating as he was....was also very human....often vulnerable...often insecure and needy.....Gandolfini took television character acting to a level never before seen and then took it a couple notches higher....Rest in peace and Godspeed Anthony Soprano.    Rick



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