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A Memorial Day Traditiion

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....Take a moment...take several moments today...and remember those who have fallen in the name of keeping us the name of assuring that we continue to enjoy our the name of assuring that we continue to live in the greatest country on earth....I am ALWAYS thankful for our veterans....the men and women who have served...and I am thankful as well for those men and women who are serving today...they can never be appreciated enough....which is why I have within the past several years made it a tradition of mine to do something every Memorial Day....Every year when Memorial Day arrives I simply go get some flowers..and place them on the grave of someone who has served this country....I do not need to have known them...all I need to know is that they committed themselves and  were willing to sacrafice for this great nation....I know it's not much but I consider it my Memorial Day Tradition....Perhaps you have one of your own....either way I do hope you are having an outstanding Memorial Day......Rick


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