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Tim Tebow is far from done

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....I saw this morning on Espn that Tim Tebow has been released from the NY Jets...considering they did draft Geno Smith, it really came as no suprise to see this occur...many are now saying Tebow will end up playing pro football in Canada instead of the NFL....which absolutely may be true....who knows...I will say this however....Tim Tebow is far from a matter of fact I think he is just getting started....regardless of where he ends up this season...he will be back in the NFL at some point....his determination and work ethic will see to that.....I have always said I would put a Tim Tebow on my squad any day.....primarily due to his constant striving to improve...combined with his incredibly positive attitude.....had a great weekend and was good to see those of you who came out to Rusty Eck on Saturday as well as those who stopped by Snacks on Friday......and of course Pleasures was a good time as always Sat night....hope to see you out and about soon...Rick

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