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Boston Marathon...

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....Unfortunately yesterday will become one of those "I remember exactly where I was when" days....and unfortunately it will do so for all the wrong reasons.....I will never understand what drives people...any do such things....I mean to me it boils down to one simple question that has no legitimate answer....a one worded question that goes pretty much like this:   why? heart goes out to the city of the family and friends of the victims...and of course to the victims themselves.....stories are only beginning to surface about the heroic actions of Boston residents as well as spectators....if there is one thing Americans ALL seem to is the ability to stick together in times of crisis...the ability to drop everything and focus on solutions is the very essence and nature of that particular element in us that guided us through 9/11....Katrina.....and other catastrophic events throughout history....and it will guide us through this.....of that I am quite sure....again I my thoughts and prayers to everyone in Boston....thank you for stopping by.........Rick

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