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SHOCK THE WORLD....Malcolm Armstead is fastly becoming my favorite player on the Shocker roster...don't get me wrong...every single player on that roster deserves is outstanding what they have accomplished this year....i guess what I like about Armstead is simply his story....I mean here is a guy who was told his academics were not good enough to attend a division one school out of high school...he easily could have gotten angry at the world....could have said to heck with it all and just not gone to college at all...instead he chose to not be that easily defeated....he chose to not listen to those who told him he couldn't....he chose to attend a junior on his academics...and his that he could eventually get into a division one program...he then attended the university of Oregon for a couple years...all the while working hard to achieve his of which being to play in the NCAA tournament....he met Gregg Marshall and immediately knew he wanted to play for coach Marshall at WSU......there were no scholarships available however....and again instead of simply cashing in and walking away....Malcolm decided he would attend WSU AND pay his own way if that's what it took....he worked part time a car dealership and did just that.....he scored 14 points and snagged 7 rebounds against Ohio State.......Malcolm thank you for choosing us....we are privilidged to have you on our side and congrats to the entire WSU squad for delivering a season we will NEVER forget! SHOCK THE WORLD.

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