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Spring is getting closer!!!!

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...We are on the verge of kicking off Spring and I love it!!! Primarily because it means OPENING DAY is on the way shortly!!!!!......I am sooooooooo starving for some baseball!!!!!......I have said it before and I will say it again.....I could spend days on end at the ballpark just being around the greatest past time on Earth.....there is NOTHING like it....from the second I set foot on the grass I am whisked back to my childhood days.....days spent dreaming of playing in the bigs....days spent at the neighborhood diamond trying desperately to get enough neighborhood kids together to just play baseball.....days spent trading baseball cards with your best friends and then scraping up enough money between yourselves to go buy a new ball.....God those were magical days.....days that can not be bought or sold for any amount of money....that is why baseball is ... It has a way of taking you to places that were carefree and reminds you of all that is good in this world.....I will never forget what it felt like to strut out to the pitchers mound and imitate my heroes with my wind up and my dilivery...I will never forget what it felt like to dig into that batters box and look the pitcher in the eye full well knowing that at that moment it was just he and I....hoping and praying that I get something over the plate....the way it felt that very split second I made contact and knew instantly that I was headed to at least 2nd....there is just nothing like it....Opening Day needs to get here NOOOOOW!!!!         Rick

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