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Martin Luther King Jr Day

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......Martin Luther King Jr was more than just a civil rights leader....not that being a civil rights leader is anything to take lightly.....Martin Luter King Jr. didn't just take a stand against injustices....he did it in a way that brought forth respect from all.....He knew he was gong to deal with adverities in doing so but he chose to move forward and not be deterred....He knew that what he was doing would have long term effects for future generations....and he truly understood how important it took alot of courage and determination for him to do it...........he knew there would be hateful resistance and he easily could have resorted to methods that would have involved violence and intimidation........many would not have blamed him....yet he chose not to because he knew he was a better man than that...and he knew that in order to bring forth change he would absolutely have to lead by sounds simple...but it is is anything but easy....and for that I will always have respect for not only the man but for what he stood for and what he acopmplished.    Rick

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