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....I actually defended Lance Armstrong for years and years...I was always the one who said he was telling the truth...that he was not lying when he said he didn't dope....which is why it is disappointing to say the least for me when I find out he admitted to lying about it...and admitted to actually using performance enhancing drugs while competing.....I watched the interview he did with Oprah.....and like I said....I was disappointed to say the least....when she asked him why he decided to finally come clean his response was "well that's a good question Oprah" was borderline insulting to the intelligence of anyone watching that piece....he admitted to it because...well...HE GOT really is that simple......and sad,.....I just hope that someone somewhere can learn from his that at least something positive can come from it......thank you for stopping by!   Rick

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Scattered Clouds
Scattered Clouds
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