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...I honestly am just completely speechless....I just don't have the words....I don't know that there really are any words.....How and why anyone in any way shape or form would have any kind of remote desire to walk into an elementary school and bring harm to innocent whose greatest concern when they got up this morning would have been everything from what they were going to have for lunch to what Santa was going to bring them for Christmas.....It is with a heavy heart I type this.....I just don't understand any ot it....Why would anyone do this???....anyone who knows me at all definitely knows that I am NEVER at a loss for words......Today I am. My heart goes out to those children and their families....I feel completely helpless because I so want to be able to change it....I wish I had a time machine that would allow me to go back in time and change this....I wish I could say or do something...anything that would bring comfort to them...18.....18 children who will never go to a high school prom....will never reach adulthood...will never get married....will never celebrate their 21st birthday with friends....will never see or do so many things.....27 total fatalities....again i ask....why?........thank you for stopping by....Rick

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