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I finally saw Skyfall!

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..I am a huge James Bond freak....I have seen every Bond film...some several times....and am fully able to admit I think 007 rocks!!....Skyfall is the latest installment and I finally got to see it yesterday......I thought it was right on par and I would say the villian was a perfect match for the 007 series.....Villlians in the James Bond films are far and away some of the most colorful bad guys ever created and Skyfall definitely provided the fireworks on that end....the only thing I can say that I was only slightly disappointed in was the lack of the usual gadgetry that accompanies Bond films...It's not like there wasn't ANY of that....just seemed like it was not nearly as prevailent as in past 007 it worth going to see?? I would say absolutely!  thanks for stopping by...Rick


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