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What are you thankful for?

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...WIth Thanksgiving right around the corner it is only natural to start thinking about things to be thankful for...of course that list varies from person to person, however I am quite sure there are some things on that list that many of us share....I for one am thankful to live in this country....I still sincerely believe this is the greatest country on earth and am very thankful to be blessed enough to live here....I am thankful of family and friends I have....I am thankful to have what i do have....i am definitely far from rich lol, but none the less and still thankful for what it is that i do have....i am thankful to be able to work in a profession i am passionate about..,,i am thankful for our veterans and our current service men/women...i am thankful for many things and i do my best to not take these things for granted.....and of course i am thankful that you decided to stop by today.....Rick

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