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Who will be this year's NFL suprise??

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...The NFL season this year already half over and it seems like it just started!!!....One thing that is definitely a positive about the National Football League is that you can almost always count on at least one good suprise team making the playoffs.....and even sometimes making a deep run in the post season as well....I have seen where some are already boldly predicting this year it will be the Dallas Cowboys......and to be honest I can see where they are comming from considering the Cowboys have the soft schedule combined with 5 out of 7 of their last games at home....However...I am not quite ready to go there just yet....Don't forget they are not even at 500 yet AND even though Romo has a great history in the month of November, his December woes are legendary....and let's face it, in order to win 6 out of your last 7 (which I believe is what they will have to do if they wanna see the post season) you absolutely HAVE to play your best football in December....period...end of story....and so far let's face it.....the Dallas Cowboys simply have not done so...not for many years....would I like to see it happen? I holding my breath?....nope......guess time will tell....thanks as always for stopping by!  Rick

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