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Aerosmith in da houuuuuuuuuuse!!

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...There are only a handful of lead singers that can just reach out and grab an audience and pull that audience into their world....into their lair so to speak....only a hanful who have that "swagger".....who apitomize what a lead singer of a rock band absolutely should be....someone who not only connects with his audience....but someone who drags them kicking and screaming if he has to right onto the front of the stage.....those that can do that make a very good living....because there are so very few that can pull it off....when I construct my list of performers I have seen do that and do it on a level so far above most....I think of names like Jagger....Axl Rose..(love him or hate him....he had swagger)....Jim Morrison....even David Lee Roth.....and after last night I would definitely add Steven Tyler to that list...I had never seen Aerosmith live until last night and the first thing that hit me while watching them was Tyler definitely has the "it" factor....can't really explain or define it.....but I know it when I see it....Not so Silent Night tickets up for grabs this week during the show so by all means don't miss out on your chance for those...and as always I do hope to see you out and about soon!!   Rick

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