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Are the Atlanta Falcoms for real??

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...The only unbeaten team in the NFL right now is the Atlanta Falcons.....are they for real??...Superbowl bound perhaps?....if I were in Vegas right now and had to bet on it.....I would say this.....they are definitely an outstanding football team...their roster is peppered with pro bowlers and they are starting to develop a well above average running game which makes them even more scary.....Shaub is on his way to establishing himself as one of the league's few premiere qbs....Gonzalez is on his last legs of his careeer and yet is having one of his best years.....they are capable of beating anyone in the NFL this very second.....but something deep down inside of me says they are NOT a superbowl caliber team.....I don't know why exactly....just one of those deeply rooted gut instincts that I rarely ignore because they are almost always right the NFC this year I like the a sleeper i would say GB the AFC this year I like.....Houston......(if not for an injury to Ray Lewis i would say Baltiimore) a sleeper...get ready for this.........Denver.      Remember you heard it here first!!!!    Rick

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