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Turning back time

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...Have you ever wondered what you would say to yourself if you could go back in time....say ten years or so?......what if you could go back in time for one day and tell yourself anything....let's say you went back to ten years ago....while retaining all the info/knowledge you currently have today....and you could talk to ... you......what kind of advice would you give yourself?....obviously it will differentiate depending on each individual....i mean we all have our own blueprints so to speak...when I think about it I honestly don't know for sure what I would tell myself....I can think of some things in general I might say....but not specific things.......I think I would tell myself to perhaps take more time for the little things that in all actuality are the HUGE things that will be cherished as life goes on....things like calling an old friend I haven't talked to in way too long.....taking a day off just to...well....take a day off and maybe jump in my car and drive to somewhere i have never been....just to do it.....perhaps introduce myself to the neighbor i have seen time and time again and have yet to say hi to......spend the day at the zoo......ask a friend what their favorite book is....and then read it.......go visit my uncle who I NEVER see despite the fact he only lives a couple hours that I think about it these definitely are specific things lol....I will be out and about this weekend and I definitely hope to see you out and about as well!      Rick

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