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The Captain will be back

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...I was definitely saddened to see Derek Jeter get injured over the weekend....and I was saddened not merely because I am a Yankees fan.....i was saddened because of what it is that he stands for and what he has accomplished.....Baseball, reguardless of it's ups and downs, is the one consistent thing we can always count's tradition and rich history so appealing to even the most nonchalant sports fan...when you talk baseball with people you will often find those who are like me,,,,,die hard true fanatics for america's past time.....people who LIVE to sit in the stands at the ballpark on a summer will also often find people who are not nearly as big of fans of the sport, yet still manage to somewhat keep up with it....and you will find those who simply are not fans of it....and have no desire to be...due to numerous things ranging from bloated salaries to players using phds to simply just not liking baseball,,,,finding it unappealing...(it difficult as that is for me to understand it defiinitely happens lol),,,,,,,What makes Derek Jeter so unique isn't what he has accomplished on the field....I mean don't get me wrong it's hard to argue with his numbers....but instead it is what he represents in an era of disillusionment. and "me me me" athletes.........he leads by example and rarely if ever will you ever hear him complain or play the blame game...that simply is not his style....he is often referred to as what is "right" about baseball and deservingly so....I have seen him play half a dozen times in person if not more...other Yankee players respect him.....I know so because I have seen it first hand....they respect him because through his leadership he has earned that resect....if you ever get a chance to see him play in person just take a minute or two and watch him when he is on the field...posted at short so and you will notice how keenly aware he is of EVERYTHING going on on that field....he knows oposing hitters often better than they know themselves.....he knows the strengths and weaknesses of every player that makes it to base....he knows how likely they are to hit and run.....or pull one down the line.....again I have seen it first hand....he is one of the last true ball players....and that is why I was saddened to see him get injured and have to leave the game he loves....even though I know he will be back next still smarts.   thank you for stopping by! Rick

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