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The Booing of Matt Cassel

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.....Matt Cassel so far has been anything but the answer for the KC Chiefs....there is no doubt about that fact.....does that, however, justify the actions of the hometown fans in KC this past Sunday?....I mean booing him when he is down with an injury?.....Even one of the Chief's linemen commented on it during the postgame......and my thoughts on it go as follows......They were not booing Matt Cassel....I will say it again....they were NOT booing Matt Cassel.......what Kansas City fans were booing was a ton of different things that had culminated....not the fact the Matt Cassel was injured...they were showing disdain for years of dealing with a front office who seems bound and determined to neglect the on field product.....they were booing the fact that the Chiefs haven't competed for ten years now....they were booing the fact that it was sad to see Kansas City go from one of the absolute most electric places to be on Sunday afternoons to ......empty seats everywhere.  They were booing the fact that Arrohead stadium which  at one time years ago was a place opposing teams were intimidated by...a place that was so energetic .... a place that was once the loudest stadium in the league....has become a welcome mat for opponents looking for an easy win....they were booing the fact that ownership has shown little desire to turn things around....or even remotely deal with the culmination of these particular issues......I have been to Arrowhead and the fans there are outstanding people,,,,they are not "classless" nor are they "bad" people....they are just fans of good football and want it to return to the mighty confines of their beloved stadium..

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