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What a great time of year to be a sports fan!!!!

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....So last night I was flipping back and forth between Sunday Night football and the MLB playoffs..... New Orleans taking on San Diego in a classic NFL matchup and my beloved Yanks doing battle with Baltimore in a classic MLB matchup......i basically programmed my remote to be able to flip back and forth with the touch of one button.....both contests went down to the wire...Drew Brees breaking Johhny Unitas's consectutive game with a td pass record......and breaking the hearts of Charger fans nationwide as he squeaked out a win against San Diego......the Yankess meanwhile finallly came alive in the top of the ninth and scored some runs to put away Baltimore in game one of their series......Baltimore is hot right now and if I were in a Yankees uniform the VERY LAST thing I would do is take the Baltimore Orioles lightly.....getting one win from them is one thing,,..getting three out of five on the other hand.......College football in full swing as well.....K State STILL unbeaten!!...Like I said......what better time to be a sports nut????  thanks for stopping by.....Rick

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