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Did you watch last night's debate?

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....I watchted last night's presidential debate between President Obama and Mitt Romney,....well at least I watched most of be honest I was flipping back and forth between it and the Yankees game....but I did watch a generous portion of it...I am not going to take sides on this and I am going to remain unbiased with the direction of this particular blog.....that being said....and again, I am by no means taking a particular nothing more than a mere onlooker I would have to say Romney seemed to come off more prepared and more at ease with it.....President Obama is an outstanding orator and suprisingly he looked a little off his game last night....and completely in his defense I will say this....he has what I would consider one of the most difficult jobs on the planet....I do not envy him nor would i even remotely have any desire to hold his position...and it is only round one....there are still a couple more to go so who knows whats gonna happen in November...anyways I do hope you are having a good Thursday....Buckcherry in town tonight!!!!!! Rick

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