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....Did you happen to catch the end of the Monday Night Football game last night?....THEY NEED TO GET THE REAL NFL OFFICIALS BACK TO WORK ASAP!.....and to be honest, at the beginning of the season I really thought it would make little or no difference...I mean I thought ...well it's just officiating...not like they can't find others that can do it......Oh how sadly mistaken I was.....I am not a Green Bay fan or a Seattle fan by any means......but I am a fan of good officiating....and that is NOT what we saw last's one thing when someone botches a call that could have gone either way or a call that has little if any effect on the outcome......but the simple fact of the matter is...last night's officiating cost Green Bay a win....period....plain and simple....and to be fair I would have to say I feel somewhat sorry for these replacement officials.....these just about anyone would be....are in over their heads and just trying to keep afloat....of all the major sports I would have to say that NFL games are the most difficult to officiate.....there is SO MUCH going on so quickly and all at once.....keeping track of legal and illegal formations.....the number of players on the field....the play clock.....the actual spotting of the ball......substitutions.....playrers in motion.....all of this BEFORE the ball is even is not a job that can be taken even remotely lightly nor is it a job that most people can effectively do....I am the first to admit I would be lost....and I have watched/played football for most of my life.....Roger Goodell and the powers that be must get their officials back to work NOW....or risk sacraficing the integrity of one of the most successful orginizations on Earth.       Thank you for stopping by.....Rick

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