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It's not about Democrat or Republican

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...Election years are always...if nothing else....somewhat interesting/entertaining so to speak....I mean it always seems both sides are guilty of the mud slinging...the slanted and biased commercials/billboards/radio ads.....the constant finger pointing etc....there is no doubt about the fact it can get a little ugly sometimes on both sides of the fence.....I am not about to even attempt to tell you who to vote for or support or whatever.....I figure that is no one's choice but yours and yours alone.....I will say this to you, hoewver....please...please I have no concern as to who you vote for....write someone in if you don't like the choices....write yourself in if you so desire.....but please go to the polls and cast your vote.....the reason I tell you to do so is quite simple to's the same reason that I will make my journey to the polls on election day......American men and women have sacraficed their lives and have shed blood on many foreign soils in order to defend our right to cast that vote....and that is something that I take very seriously and will never take for granted....and I will never, under any circumstances, throw my right to vote has been paid for in full many times over.....I do hope you are having a great Thursday!    Rick

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Broken Clouds
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