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.How did they come up with that?

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...Have you ever wondered about the origins of certain little sayings and phrases we often use?..for example...."rule of thumb"....which is  a term derived from 17th century judge  Sir Francis Buller..who allegedly ruled that it is ok to assault your wife with a stick, given the stick is no wider than you thumb.......(i couldn't possible make this up)....or "poor as dirt".....which finds it's origins in the fact that when actual wooden floors first started to be constructed for private home use...only the wealthy could afford them...therefore if you were not wealthy you more than likely had a dirt floor.....or how about this one....."dead ringer"....during the latter part of the 19th century race horse owners would often try to fool bookies by bringing two similar horses to the fast and one slow....the owners would run the slower horses for all to see, thus driving up the odds against it....then place bets....and switch them out so the fast horse would actually run the race....hence the fast horse was the "ringer".........I do hope you are having a great Friday and hope to see you out and about this weekend!                                Rick

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