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Let's go to the polls!!!

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.....Our presedential election is right around the corner....and I will definitely be going to vote this November.....I most certainly hope you will too......I don't go because I am a huge supporter of either be honest I agree with the Democrats on some things and the Republicans on others....I would consider myself sort of an independent I guess.......the reason I vote, however, has absolutely nothing to do with my political affiliations.....I vote because of the fact that American men and women have given the ultimate sacrafice so that I may have that me it's not a matter of who to vote for as much as it is simply exercising my right to do so....a right that has been paid for with the lives of our service men and women......and that is something i will never take lightly.  I do hope to see you at the polls in November!       Rick

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Scattered Clouds
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